I am excited to join you in completely transforming your maternity experience! Pregnant for the first time? Not sure what birth choices to make? Afraid to have a baby? Don’t know what to expect postpartum? Having trouble balancing home and self care? Overwhelmed by the thought of having another little one? Not sure about breastfeeding? Look no further! All the answers to your questions are found here.

Naomi Carrington


As a birth doula, I am committed to serving women, to helping them enjoy and love their birth experience. I believe the birthing process is beautiful, natural, and created by God. My commitment to you is full and customized support.


From day one of your baby's life, you will be supported with love, care, advice, and education. Your home and meals will be completely taken care of. First-time and veteran parents alike will benefit from these services.


Nothing is more precious than nurturing your own flesh and blood. Whether you are preparing to have a baby, or have already begun breastfeeding, I am here to lend a hand and offer support. There is a solution to every problem – I can help you find yours.

first-time Parents?

Oh the joy of looking at that pregnancy test and seeing its positive! But almost every happiness in life brings greater responsibilities. Book your childbirth class today and enjoy interactive and fun preparation for parenthood.

I greatly appreciate all the support she has given me.

"Naomi was attentive, available, and supported me with a good attitude during pregnancy, delivery and now the postpartum stage. She helped with her opinion, knowledge and advice and did not make decisions for me. I recommend Naomi as a very good doula. She was a great support and all the topics we have discussed helped me a lot. I have learned a lot and put it into practice. She was always available, respectful, helpful, and wise. I greatly appreciate all the support she has given me."

– Jess P.

It was nice to be supported and helped during something so difficult. . .

“It was so helpful before the birth to talk about preferences and plans but when it came to it, it was nice to be supported and helped during something so difficult. Having someone to support my husband during the contractions, and someone to help me while he needed a break was the most unexpected perk about having a doula! I was afraid that my birth plan wouldn’t be honored and that unnecessary interventions would be taken. My birth plan didn’t go the way I wanted due to needing to be induced but it helped having a doula there to talk things through and feel reassured in decisions we made.”

– Taylor B.

Naomi was a helpful resource and comfort during labor.

“It was very helpful having Naomi at the hospital during labor. She was such a comfort to me while I endured hours of back labor and a good support for Wes as he observed both my and the baby’s vitals plummet and rebound. It was nice to have someone with birth experience in the room besides the medical staff. Naomi was a helpful resource and comfort during labor. I didn’t realize how comforting physical touch would be. Naomi massaged my back and scalp during intense labor helping to alleviate some of the discomfort and reassure me that I was not laboring alone. I underestimated how beneficial this service would be to me. We hired a doula because I was concerned about the unknowns of labor and delivery. It was helpful in that I was given lots of resources in advance and well supported while I labored and after delivery. I felt that hiring a doula allowed me to make informed decisions during labor and delivery. She even came back to the hospital after the birth and watched Josie so Wes and I could rest for a few hours. That was SUPER helpful!”

– K.T.

As a first time mom, it was incredibly helpful to have someone there who had attended many births and knew what to expect/suggest.

“The most unexpected perk of having a doula was how she encouraged me to prepare my body and mind for labor, especially as a first time mom because I was able to let go of the things that didn’t go according to plan since I had done everything I could to set my body and my baby up for success. As a first time mom, it was incredibly helpful to have someone there who had attended many births and knew what to expect/suggest. I appreciated how much advice Naomi gave us! From taking care of my body from a diet and exercise perspective, to resources, talking through my feelings, everything was incredibly helpful! I also appreciated her values and very calming nature!”

– Kristen R.

“The childbirth class was 100% interactive and helpful!

“The childbirth class was 100% interactive and helpful! I was worried about getting to the delivery room and feeling like I did not have a plan, which would cause me to feel out of control. It was helpful to have time set aside for my husband and I to talk through options available to us and what feels the most comfortable. Being able to practice some labor positions with my husband during the class was helpful! It allowed us to be able to talk through what we felt comfortable trying when the time came. If my best friend was considering a childbirth class, I would tell them that a class was worthwhile for me and encourage them to strongly consider it. I enjoyed the small group setting and Naomi's calming personality.”

– Courtney M.

Having someone gentle and firm during transition was vital

“Naomi was great! I think having a plan in mind for when clients are in transition makes her stand out from other doulas. Naomi was helpful and she thought ahead of time for what would be needed. For me, having someone be gentle and firm during transition in labor is vital. It made a big difference in helping me to breathe right and focus rather than letting fear take over.”

– Jeni M. (home birth)

"Professional and prepared. . .

"Naomi was friendly, professional and prepared, with a lovely folder of information to keep and a package of tea- a blend for mothers. Such a sweet touch! Not only did she remind me of important things that I had used in previous births, she also passed on to me some new ideas to try. The session we had and the breathing techniques that she helped me practice really did help during delivery. She also followed up with me after delivery regularly to check in and see if there was anything that she could help with, even offering cooking, cleaning or childcare services for my oldest two so that I could rest. She sees the whole- the bigger picture. I am sure that she will be a valuable asset to your birth team. Her calm, steady demeanor is also of great value for those she walks alongside."

– Kendra Y.

Her support was so valuable!

"I would say in a heartbeat to hire Joy or Naomi!! These are two amazing and helpful women. Even though Naomi was shadowing at my birth, her support was so valuable!! Not only was she helpful but her exuberance and just happiness to be there not only during the labor but also while I was pushing my baby out helped put me in such a calm and joyful state because it reminded me of how amazing being able to give birth truly is!! Giving birth is a hard job, but it's also such an amazing gift. I was already so excited to see my baby but Naomi's support and happiness made me even more so, and I didn't think that was possible. I know it's crazy to say but I had my ideal birth experience and when it came time to actually push my son out I was so peaceful and relaxed I was talking through my contractions casually. As opposed to being nervous and stressed I was at peace and incredibly relaxed. I am so grateful to both Joy and Naomi for all their support."

– Dorothy P.


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