Postpartum Care

Services includes Newborn Care, Mother-Baby Bonding, Infant Soothing, New Mother Support, Sibling Care, Light Meal Preparation, Light Housekeeping, and Laundry.

I love helping my clients discover the joys of motherhood and giving the family time to bond with their newborn.

As your Postpartum Doula I will assess your family's needs, offer recommendations and help you recover from birth. 

I offer breastfeeding assistance, hands-on newborn-care and education and help families establish a new routine that best meets their needs. Laundry, organizing the nursery, caring for the older children, and preparing nutritious and tasty meals for the family, will be taken care of as you rest and bond with your baby. 

Mothers are encouraged to repair their bodies with healing nutrient-dense foods and after a few months, safe strengthening and toning exercises. Women who hire a postpartum doula experience little to no postpartum depression.

Enjoy my services whether you have one baby, twins or multiples. I look forward to serving you as you nurture your little one!

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